The Bus Is Leaving
featuring the Road Rats

On the Road Again

Mr. Glenn Miller’s Neighborhood
The Neighborhoods of the Bus

Life on the Road
Interview with Bill Barrett, Dave Ryan,Mike Ruth & Colleen Miller

Jam Session
with members of the band

Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Bill Rasey performs during off hours

Inside the Glenn Miller Orchestra
Interviews with Mike Ruth and Colleen Miller

Howard Isaacson on Times Square, NYC
April 1983

Phil Arnold Interview
Bass Trombone Player

Dave Ryan Interview
Lead Trombone Player

Al Handelsman
Lead Alto Saxophone

LIFE ON THE ROAD can sometimes be both unexpected and grueling.  Like the 500 mile road trip – a ten hour plus bus ride without stopping to eat. The band almost revolted.  The experience was documented on tape by Larry Newman as he “interviewed” fellow band members near the end of the marathon road trip.